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Hoarseness in San Antonio, TX Hoarseness is an impairment or change in voice quality that affects the ability to speak or sing. It can manifest differently in people, ranging from breathy or strained voice to difficulty with certain pitches. These changes to your voice can be due to overuse, incorrect use or due to an illness that affects the vocal folds. There are many causes for hoarseness, the most worrisome of which is laryngeal cancer. If you have had hoarseness lasting for more than 3 weeks, it is extrememly important you have a comprehensive evaluation by an otolaryngologist who specializes in voice disorders.

Diagnosing Hoarseness

You will have a complete history and head and neck examination. After we go through your medical and surgical history, we will do a Voice recording where you will be asked to read a passge. Then we wil use a small flexible tool known as a laryngoscope to examine your voice box. Lastly we will use a specialized technique to evaluate your vocal fold motion with the newest, state-of-the art Stroboscopy system. Based on your historyand physical examination, we may recommend getting further testing (e.g. CT Scan, MRI scan and/or EMG etc).

Treatments for Hoarseness

Treatments for your hoarseness will depend on the cause and may include voice rest, speech therapy, botox injections of surgery.

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